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ECU Remapping in somerset

What is ECU tuning or also widely known as remapping?

Whether you drive a Nissan Micra, Maserati Ghibli, Ford Ranger Pick up or VW Transporter van – are you aware that you can improve your vehicle by unleashing it’s true potential?

The “Black Art” remapping service unlocks the restrictions imposed by vehicle manufactures to release more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption, safely and reliably.

Our simple connection to over 70k+ vehicles allows you to modify the ‘brain’ of a vehicle without extra hardware or engine components being altered in any way.

We can unleash the true potential of virtually any vehicle by…

  • Improved overtaking performance
  • Smoother driving experience
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Calibration for removal of speed limiters, start/stop, Lamda sensors, and much more!
  • Better towing performance
  • 35% more Power and 15% increase in torque
  • 10-20% better fuel economy and lower co2 emissions – better on your wallet and on the environment!
  • Fix unwelcome DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and/or EGR problems
The re-mapping is completely mobile enabling us to carry out the process at a time and location convenient to you in Somerset.
Re-Maps usually take around one-to-two hours from start to finish, however, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your availability.
Unlike many competitors, our files are custom written in-house in the UK, with information taken from your individual vehicle and can be designed at your request to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both. We NEVER use generic, third party or off the shelf maps.
The simple answer is no; we optimise the parameters within the ECU without exceeding the limits of the vehicles engine components.
All upgrades are undertaken by a fully trained technician ensuring the safest, most reliable and efficient upgrades.
Engine tuning boxes generally only increase the fuel pressure and injection periods. This leads to an uneven spread of power and spikes, due to poor quality signal processing. These problems do not exist with ECU re-mapping, because all the parameters of the engine management are adjusted in unison, including torque and turbo limiters which can not be accessed by a tuning box.

The dealer may determine that the ECU has been modified however this is not straight forward with their equipment as our software is designed to be non-detectable. Should the dealer accidentally overwrite our upgrade we will happily provide another software upgrade completely FREE of charge.*

In some circumstances a car dealership may re-flash the ECU on a vehicle to upload the latest software. If this happens our modified file is overwritten. So all you do is call us and we will re-install your optimized map completely FREE of charge.**

*Black Art Customs SW can not underwrite technical advancements in dealer detection tools.

**A small service charge may be applied in certain circumstances. 

Unleash your vehicle's true potential